The Key to Weight Loss



By now most of us already know the basics of losing weight- getting into a calorie deficit and working out. However, most of us fail to realize the mechanism behind all of these weight loss methods and hacks. Have you every felt really hyped up about losing weight, went to research for the most extreme diet or workout you could find and then all of a sudden your motivation is gone? The thing is, I don’t believe in motivation. Motivation is unstable, it comes one day and by the next morning it’s gone again. Motivation doesn’t get you to wake up early and go workout, it doesn’t get you to eat healthy and  it most certainly doesn’t break you away from than unhealthy state of mind.

Let’s say you know about portion control, perhaps you already have a workout plan and maybe you already know all the foods you should avoid, but do you know what enables all of this to work? One simple answer- self discipline.

Now bear with me here. Don’t close the window, thinking this girl is about to preach me a bunch of philosophical nonsense. Just think about this for a moment. Nothing will make you lose weight if you don’t have the discipline to say no to unhealthy foods, the discipline to finish that workout, the self discipline to want more for yourself. You need to crave your goal and if you can’t find the discipline for it, then you don’t want it enough.

It all comes down to the strength of your mind. It’s not that 3 hour workout you’ve been trying to do once or twice a week. It’s the little things of every day life, those seemingly irrelevant choices. I’m not telling you to deprive yourself of all the foods that make you happy, you have cheat days for those and even I indulge once in a while. What I’m urging you to do is to make the healthy choice on a day to day basis. You already know all the things you need to do to get healthy, reading a 100 more blogs hoping to stumble upon some magical clue will not make a difference. Self discipline is the key and there is no way around it.



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