Hey everyone!

Welcome to Health Boss, where I share healthy recipes, weight loss tips and skin care tips. Through this blog I hope to share my love for adopting a much healthier lifestyle and make it easier for other people to do so as well. Sometimes, we are hesitant to change our way of eating because it gets too complicated, too expensive or it just seems unappealing. However, my posts will show you that you can eat healthily, with easy and delicious recipes. They involve gluten-free and dairy free recipes, but you can easily add your own twist to them.

The Girl Behind the Blog

My name is Loren, I am eighteen years old and I live in the Seychelles. I’ve always had a passion for cooking and I am definitely a foodie. It wasn’t until recently, around January 2017, that I decided to change my lifestyle. I wasn’t happy with my body, I always felt sluggish and I discovered that I have severe food allergies; I am allergic to nuts, soy, seafood and I’m intolerant to dairy and gluten. By no means do you have to cut these foods from your diet to lose weight or to be healthy, but these were the steps I had to take for my body. After controlling what I ate and exercising regularly, I have lost around 14kg in 7 months, and I am still working towards my weight goal. Now, I have much more confidence and I feel more energetic and motivated.

Why did I Start this Blog?

I want others to know how easy it can be to become healthy and I want everyone to be able to feel good about themselves. One of my biggest problems when trying to become healthy, was finding recipes that were delicious and simple, so I started to invent my own. Now I can share my ideas with you so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I also want to share my skin care secrets, I had severe acne prone skin when I started high school, but now my skin has cleared up completely. There are some things I wish I had known back then, but I can share these with you now.

I hope this blog helps you in any way possible, don’t be shy to comment and reach out to me. Thank you for visiting! Xoxo.